CESA团队在约旦学生成功大楼前跳跃公平中心 & 学生的成绩 (CESA) is the 密歇根州立大学丹佛 area in Student Affairs explicitly focused on 学生’ sense of belonging and engagement with a lens of equity and understanding of how their social identities contribute to their University experience and career pathways. CESA provides student support with an emphasis on addressing inequities experienced by 学生 and houses several centers and programs aimed at increasing college retention, 持久性, 历史上未被充分代表的学生群体的毕业率.


CESA的部门包括:多元文化参与中心 & 包容(CMEI)及相关项目,LGBTQ学生资源中心,退伍军人 & 军校学生服务, 三重奏学生支援服务, 大学援助移民计划(CAMP), 移民服务计划, 遇到了媒体, 及第一代计划.




性别包容的厕所提供了一个安全的场所, 跨性别人士私人设施, genderqueer, 以及性别不一致的人, 有孩子的家庭, 还有可能需要帮助的残疾人.



哺乳期和/或 chestfeeding / bodyfeeding 学生, 员工, and visitors may need a private space to express milk from their body (typically using a manual or electric pump when a baby is not feeding directly from a parent’s body). While the frequency of need to do so varies, some may need to express milk every 2-3 hours. 像这样, having access to an appropriate space on campus to do so is important so that these 学生, 员工, and visitors can fully participate in academic and co-curricular 经历 when they need to be on campus for longer periods of time. 没有足够的空间来挤奶, 哺乳期的人和婴儿都可能遭受与健康相关的后果. 同样的, some parents may prefer a private space to feed their baby while on campus and so lactation spaces can serve this purpose too; however, it is important to note that parents have a right to feed their baby in any space that they occupy (not a requirement to feed in designated lactation spaces).



反思空间是为祈祷而设计的, 反射, 为丹佛州立大学社区的所有成员提供冥想.  不提倡或支持任何特定的宗教或信仰体系的, 一个反射空间提供了一个专用的, 供个人或集体崇拜的舒适空间, 或者是白天的简单反思.




的 多元文化参与与包容中心(CMEI) supports 学生’ sense of belonging in college and affirms their identities by building community through participation in student organizations (currently over 120 options), 第一代倡议, 遇到了媒体, 兄弟会和姐妹会(目前有8个), 种族平等和领导力项目, 学生聚会空间, 以及校园活动.



CAMP,是U。.S. 教育部资助的奖学金项目, 是为了满足学术需求而设计的吗, financial and social needs of migrant/seasonal farmworkers and their children in pursuing higher education. While the program provides its most intensive assistance during the first year of college, CAMP团队可以在学生的整个大学生活中为他们提供帮助.



史诗学者是丹佛大都会州立大学的一个旨在建立联系的项目, supporting and empowering 学生 who’ve emerged from the foster care system and other difficult backgrounds—all of whom aspire to achieve greatness through higher education. 史诗学者的使命是建立在支持克服的愿望, 释放内在的潜力, and delivering the opportunities foster alumni and other independent 学生 need to succeed. 它的核心是, 该项目旨在成为内在信念和外在抱负之间的桥梁, lighting a pathway toward a better future for these 学生 and the community they represent. 



的 移民服务计划 supports and builds community for 学生 who weren’t born in the U.S. 或者来自移民家庭. 皇冠官网网站帮助皇冠官网网站的DACA, 无证, refugee and immigrant 学生 succeed in college through writing and language development support, 在经济援助选择和奖学金论文方面提供帮助, 有关法律援助或医疗保健选择的社会活动和资源.



This tri-institutional student service supports all genders and sexualities in the campus community using a model of CARE: Community Building, 宣传 & 支持、资源和教育. 的 LGBTQ学生资源中心 seeks to remove the barriers that LGBTQ 学生 have in accessing their education on an equitable basis.


本地的 & 土著学生支持

的 本地的 American Student 支持 Initiatives exists to serve and support the diverse and changing needs of 本地的 学生 in their time at 丹佛大都会州立大学. 皇冠官网网站努力提供相关的, 可访问的, 以及吸引人的项目和资源, promote intertribal and cross-cultural approaches to community building with a social justice lens. We work to partner with both off and on-campus communities to provide 学生 with the best experience possible in their time here, while also supporting continuing growth and understanding of their individual identities as 本地的 people. 皇冠官网网站也致力于把历史带到这里, 经历, 以及世界观在大学的重要领域.



三重奏学生支援服务 (TRIO SSS) is a federally-funded grant program which serves 学生 who are first-generation, 残疾人士和低收入人士. 皇冠官网网站的服务包括, 大学和生活技能讲习班, 研究生院访问, 可以使用计算机实验室等等!



经验丰富的 & 军事学生服务计划致力于支持超过1,000名军人, veterans and their family members who choose 密歇根州立大学丹佛 each year through assistance with the certification of VA education benefits, 学费援助计划, 一个活跃的退伍军人和军事服务中心, and numerous workshops and programs designed to empower military-affiliated student to achieve their academic, 职业和个人目标.

土地 & 劳动确认

密歇根州立大学丹佛 acknowledges the indigenous people and land of Auraria and the broader 丹佛 area and the labor of enslaved and exploited people that built the country.

We honor and acknowledge that we are on the traditional territories and ancestral homelands of the Cheyenne and Arapahoe Nations. 皇冠官网网站感谢这个空间的土地和历史,今天皇冠官网网站有幸聚集在这里. 这个地区也是贸易的场所, 狩猎, 收集, 并治愈了许多其他土著民族:拉科塔人, 乌特, 基奥瓦人, 科曼奇族, Apache, 休休尼人, 和其他人. 48个部落称这片土地为家. 皇冠官网网站承认土著人民是这片土地的原始主人, 水, 植物, 还有把这里称为家的动物.

Let us also acknowledge the painful history of genocide and forced removal from this territory. 皇冠官网网站认识到.S. 公共政策被用来取代土著社区, 侵蚀部落国家主权, 强行把土著人同化进美国.S. 社会. We respect the many diverse Indigenous peoples still connected to this land on which we gather. We pay our respect to them and give thanks to all Tribal Nations and the ancestors of this place.

We also acknowledge the labor of enslaved Africans and their descendants who worked this stolen land for the colonists, 他们继续面临着不成比例的经济压迫, 种族歧视, 暴力, 和剥削.

最后, we want to recognize the communities and families of Auraria displaced by the creation of this campus for 密歇根州立大学丹佛 to have a place that we now call home. We share this acknowledgment to encourage all of us here on the Auraria campus to consider how our work in this space and in our daily lives can address these historic and contemporary atrocities perpetuated against 本地的 people and other marginalized communities.


公平中心 & 学生的成绩

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